Meet your ABC teacher – Interview with Miss anna

Who is Miss Anna?

I am just a lucky person, who had the amazing opportunity to find out her purpose in life early on. Becoming a teacher was the best thing that happened to me. 

Why did you choose to be part of ABC?

I wanted to work for the best kindergarten, and this is ABC – my colleagues are all wonderful professionals, we work according to the high standards of the international schools and we constantly develop and grow.

What brings you fulfilment and motivation in your work?

I love the fact that each day is different – there are always new challenges, new things to learn (for me and for the children). I feel satisfied when I see that the children are excited about what they are doing and that they are having fun while learning.

Your biggest challenge during your day?

We work with parents from all over the world and with different cultural backgrounds – they have different expectations and requirements, different notions about a child’s upbringing. My work in ABC faced me with the challenge of coping with this variety of families and taught me how to build mutual trust and respect, how to work with them as a team in order to give my best to their children.

Which are your strengths?

I always see the silver lining, the benefit in every situation and I manage to make the best of it.

A person you admire?

I admire all the people who keep showing us that the world is full of kindness, beauty and love. Sometimes everything seems so gloom, but there are people who feel like sunshine and I admire them for keeping their spark and for lighting it in others.

Something the colleagues don’t know about you?

Each day I try to read at least one beautiful poem, look at one beautiful picture or listen to one beautiful song. Some time ago I read about this, I started practicing it and now I am convinced it can always make me feel better.

The funniest/absurd thing that happened to you?

Last year I was really into gardening and I even thought there should be no problem to do it in my city apartment. So, I prepared numerous seedlings, believing only some of them will grow into actual plants. However, very soon I was flooded with plants – cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, peppers, all sorts of herbs. I had to give away most of them to my friends just to be able to move around my apartment.

How do you relax, what do you dream of?

The best way for me to recharge my batteries is to go to the mountains.  There my mind can really rest, that’s why I go on long hikes when I have the time. No matter how tired or frustrated I am, nature can always make me feel better. I dream of going to South America.

The most interesting place you’ve been to?

I like traveling and have seen many beautiful places. This summer I went to Croatia with a couple of friends and we spent a day at the Plitvicki jezera. They are incredibly beautiful, and the park is stunning. It was definitely worth it – the long trip, the wait.. It’s a magical place.

Your philosophy in life?

Nothing is permanent. Don’t hold a grudge – enjoy the moment because it’s all temporary.

Thank you, Miss Anna