This week our little stars had so many new adventures.

First, our little and middle groups spent two amazing days at Alice’s Petting Zoo located in the village of Leskovets near Pernik. The walks were guided by the gorgeous Alice herself, who is a very sweet 4-year-old girl. Our little stars enjoyed the place as there was a wide variety of birds and small cuddly animals. The children touched and fed bunnies, little chicks and funny alpacas. The weather was warm and sunny and later the kids had some free time on the playground.

At the end of the workweek, our children from the big groups were in the role of little chefs and had the unique chance to prepare their own 3-step menu for lunch, a wonderful opportunity for more practical experience. It was an exquisite pleasure to visit the Culinary school “Svetulka”, a fantastic academy for young aspiring chefs. The lovely staff of the academy hosted a cooking class for our little stars and they had the chance to spend an exciting morning of shopping, cooking and eating delicious food. By improving teamwork our children shared responsibility, made decisions and were involved in a spectacular cooking adventure.