Baba Marta Day at ABC KinderCare Centre

Baba Marta Day is a holiday celebrated in Bulgaria on the 1st of March. On this special day people exchange Martenitsas. They are made from twisted red and white strings, usually in the form of wristbands or small yarn dolls. The Martenitsa is an ancient symbol of health and happiness.

In regard to the upcoming Baba Marta Day it was our pleasure to invite all ABC Families to a special ‘Martenitsa Workshop’ at the ABC locations in the last days of February. We had the opportunity to make different kinds of Martenitsas with our lovely children and their parents. The event aimed at bringing real-life experience to our little stars so they could learn more about this wonderful Bulgarian tradition while creating positive emotions and having a lot of fun together at the same time.

Dear moms and dads, thank you for coming to our kindergartens!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to tie your Martenitsa to a tree or place it under a rock when you see a blossoming tree or a stork.