2008 ABC & IWC

Senior management membership in international Womens`s Club. ABC KinderCare Centre participates in various activities organized by the IWC, such as: charity volunteering, Christmas bazaar organisation etc.

2008 ABC activities

ABC KinderCare Centre organises various educational projects for students and parents, like: Parents school; Baby group; Field trips and Exibitions.

2009 ABC & Sofia University

ABC KinderCare Centre becomes the only private, English speaking Centre selected as educational place for students from “Sofia University”. In a cooperation with Sofia University, ABC KinderCare Centre accepts and teaches students as part of their school practice. On the other hand, the Sofia University supports qualificational processes among theachers and educators at ABC KinderCare Centre.

2010 – 2019 ABC & Erasmus Programme

Preparation and partnership in European Program of Education “Erasmus” – quarterly bases admission of students from Spain for postgraduate general practice education and training. The Erasmus Programme is a Europian Union student exchange programme, part of the Longlife Learning Programme. ABC KinderCare Centre supports the Erasmus Exchange Programme, as an acceptation organization by welcoming foreign students …

2011 ABC & Ecopack

ABC KinderCare Centre participates the “Ecopack” project in separate garbage collection. ABC uses recycled, reduced and reused materials in their crafts and projects.

2011 ABC & Cleves

Cleves owns and operates the finest portfolio of rental apartments in Sofia. Situated in some of the most convenient locations around town, all their apartments are interior designed and furnished to very high standards. All have on-site parking, strong security, and are backed by crisp professional service from Cleves staff.

2012 – 2019 ABC &┬áChristmas

ABC KinderCare Centre participates in Christmas bazaar organization in collaboration with the International Women Club. It is a charity bazaar and the collected amount is donated to orphanages to used for buying medical equipment for children with cancer. ABC prepares hand-made cards and bookmarks for selling and the collected amount is donated for charity.

2015 ABC & Charity Project for Syria Refugees

ABC KinderCare Centre participates in Charity Action on help to the Syria Refugees by donating clothes, shoes, blankets, food for children and adults.