ABC KinderCare Centre is created to serve a unique community. Here Children and Families from different countries discover each other. Our Centre is a Community, a Team of Teachers, Students and Families working together.

We do believe that every members’ new beginning should be created with love, care, trust and joy. Parents are an important part of this process. That’s why ABC KinderCare organizes for its future families Baby classes with parents who are still in the process of looking for the most suitable environment for their kids. 

Our Baby classes’ goal is to develop the sense of trust and self-importance in each child. Parents can feel the warm, responsive and nurturing environment when they enter the ABC Kindergarten.

Parents will be involved with their children in the ABC educational programs. They will be participating in our English classes including circle time, storytelling, art classes and music lessons. Part of our school activities and methods will be represented in front of our participates.   

The ABC Infant program is based on the developmental stages, sensitive interaction, and a suitable environment. Physical, social, language, and cognitive development are an integral part of our program for the ABC Baby Classes.

More information about the upcoming dates for our Baby classes could be found in our “Newsroom” section.

*Please kindly note that the vacancies for the Baby classes are limited and you have to pre-request your participation via e-mail ( or directly to contact us (Tel. +359 889 80 96 55)