ABC KinderCare Centre (age 2-6)

ABC KinderCare offers one of the best organizational structures in which children of different interests, language abilities, and background knowledge can profitably work together.

Specialized knowledge and skills are required from our Team. Staff’s qualification allows great balance between Teacher-directed and child-centered activities. The multi-sensory approach provides activities for all learning styles.

Every day the ABC children participate in circle time, small group activities, independent work time, snack, movement activities, puppet shows, sport, outside play and lot of fun, of course. Parents are regularly informed about the curriculum theme, projects, special events, and important notes.

Main skills we develop are:

  • thinking skills
  • communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • comprehension
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • visual memory
  • decision-making
  • numbers and letter skills
  • how to follow the directions
  • increased attention span
  • positive attitudes
  • independence and confidence
  • sense of being a proud citizen

ABC implemented the IPC Early Years (3 to 5) in March 2015 and the Programme Milepost 1(5 to 7) in September 2015. The IPC is a part of Fieldwork Education which, since 1984, has been helping schools all around the world to develop children’s learning. For more information about the IPC visit The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used in schools all over the world. Currently this includes nearly 1,800 national and international schools in over 90 countries.

Learning with the International Primary Curriculum means that children focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning that is exciting and challenging. The aim of the IPC is to help every child enjoy the learning of a wide range of subjects and to develop an enquiring mind, the personal attributes that will help throughout teenage and adult years, and to develop a sense of his or her own nationality and culture, at the same time developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others. Through the IPC approach to learning children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to confidently face the world of tomorrow.

ABC KinderCare has established library dedicated to promote love of reading and developing skills to enhance lifelong learning. This is a way to develop children knowledge of listening quietly to a story, talking about it, and learning about the library, take care of the books and returning items on time. This helps children to know that books in the library have special order and that he\she has a part in keeping them. Our library helps children to understand that there are many story books, pictures, covers, different titles and characters.

ABC KinderCare Center is focused on lifelong healthy habits, providing a healthy snack twice per day. We believe that a healthy start is a step to a healthy life. We are working in a different levels. The healthy approach combines the healthy eating encouraging the children ti make healthy choices from our snack-buffet. We involve the children in exploring the nature by gardening of healthy vegetables and local grown fruits. This involvement helps children in their agriculture education as a regular curriculum. And also helps in establishing a good relationship whit the ABC Teaching Team

ABC KinderCare Centre encourages Parents to be involved in all ABC initiatives throughout the year. ABC Team develops and uses a home-to school/school-to-home communication system, using methods that work best for specific parents and teachers (phone, e-mail communication notebooks, and meetings). The Organization of the Parents Meetings is one of the ways the Parents to receive complete information about the school rules, programs and personal information about their children progress. During the Parents meetings the parents learn more about the working process at ABC, which helps them deal more effectively with their own children. The meetings with the Parents help Teachers learn more about their children from another side which helps them teach more effectively. Working as a Team ABC Teachers and the Parents develop positive environment for the children to leave and to learn.

Parents school is offered periodically whit the year and It is scheduled on a parent\community interest basis. There are organized lectures by different specialist-pedagogues, dietitians, dentist, sport trainers etc. This will helps parents to face problems with confidence and acknowledgment.

ABC KinderCare Centre has the privilege to collaborate with the oldest University on Balkan Peninsula – Sofia University Kliment Ohridski. The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology works together with the Team

BBC Center in Sofia is our good partner as well. Its rich library helps the staff being prepared in the best way for every theme in the program.

Dancing lessons, music lessons, swimming lessons, art and drama classes are included inside the school program.

We are focused over the ecological materials usage. The ecological materials we used in our Centre contribute to a positive educational and healthy experience for all children. We had applied a standard in choosing and using industrial materials during our renovation. ABC KinderCare had reviewed carefully the furniture, carpets, curtains and our wide variation of toys to be made of those materials. This is made to cover our requirements of ecologically clean environment and healthy balance.