ABC KinderCare Centre is a chain of international educational centers. We offer you and your children boutique educational services based on the highest academical standards in pre-school education.

Established in Sofia in 2008, ABC has built relationships with Sofia University and the European Program of Education Erasmus and, in 2016, became a member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) – a true mark of high quality in the network of international schools.

ABC KinderCare Centre has four different locations in Sofia for children aged 2 to 6 and fosters a multicultural environment with dozens of different nationalities. Our pupils are educated by highly trained teachers and English-speaking staff.

The Anglophone environment in our centers promotes quick acquisition of the language through games and carefully selected activities in accordance with our British program. The program covers the whole spectrum of academic tasks appropriate for the children’s age group and supports the development of their potential. Our academic processes are based on the International Primary Curriculum, guaranteeing quality and relevance across borders, and offer a wide range of extra curriculum activities.

Our Vision:

We want to be your first choice.

Our Mission:

We protect, educate and develop our future, creating a place children and parents consider their second home, guiding our children to explore the World in their own way.

Values for the children:

We safeguard the health and safety of children.

We create an environment that fosters learning and gives educational opportunities, valuable play and fun.

We provide encouragement, appreciation and love of the child`s efforts and individual needs.

We strive for professional performance that puts young ones at ease.

We prepare children to meet future educational challenges.

Values for parents:

We work to cover and improve the quality of international early child educational standards.

We monitor and communicate children`s progress.

We accept our families as part of our big ABC family.

We strive to earn parents trust and loyalty.

For our Team:

We work together as a team, honoring personal dignity, trusting each other, acting with integrity.

We value Team`s individual work and performance achievements.

We are open to new ideas and welcome creativity.

We are dedicated to continuous improving and training.

For the community:

We educate children to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

We respect all people, nations and cultures, valuing differences among them.

We connect people from different parts of the world in a single place – ABC KinderCare Centre.

We deliver a sense of warmth, friendship, individual pride and ABC KinderCare spirit!